Do you ship internationally? YES! At checkout you will see options for UPS/DHL. Please be aware that custom rates may apply.

My bag was damaged in transit or when I was using it, what now? Look, shit happens & this is a learning process for all of us here at Gr8dane WorldIf your bag is damaged in any way, please contact info@gr8daneworld.com anytime after your purchase and we will get your bag replaced or repaired.  Please note that all sales are finals & we do NOT accept returns. (but your feedback & callouts helps us improve production & designs)

I put in the wrong address! Help?! Please review your information prior to placing your order. If your order hasn't shipped yet, and you noticed that you've made a mistake, please email info@gr8daneworld.com ASAP and we will update the shipping info on our end. If your order has shipped, sorry you're SOL and we can reship if the order once it's returned back to our offices.

What makes your items "sustainable" or "ethical"? All fabrics are locally sourced from jobbers in the San Francisco Bay Area. A jobber generally buys overstock fabrics and materials from larger manufacturers at a discounted price in order to avoid adding textile waste to landfills. By purchasing from jobbers, we're supporting local businesses, offsetting Co2 emissions by walking/talking public transit to pick up and source materials, and helping divert deadstock and one of a kind materials from sitting in landfills and creating waste. Additionally, all trims, hardware, and chains are recyclable. 

We practice ethical manufacturing by creating small batch items by hand and creating as little waste as possible. Whether that's saving and up cycling scraps or carefully ensuring we're never buying an overstock of materials, we're always ensuring mindful practices in the production of your items. Lastly, we work with a handful of overseas suppliers that are all certified in ethical manufacturing.

"I love your brand & I'd love to collab! I have XK followers on instagram, can you send me some free stuff for a content swap??!" Yeah, sorry but no. If you really loved/supported Gr8dane World you'd be more than willing to put your dollar forward and keep this biz in action. I'm a one woman operation who still works a 9-5 day job in order to pay the bills, all funds from sales go directly back in the business. Thanks for asking!

I've never used Afterpay before..... Too much info to get into here. Follow this link to check find an answer to your question! https://help.afterpay.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001002192-HELP-CENTER

Shipping Policy- 

All orders are shipped within 1-2 weeks of purchase (depending on in-stock inventory at time of purchase) via USPS. A notification email will be sent with tracking when the order has shipped. Once an item has been shipped, Gr8dane World is not responsible for packages lost or damage in transit. 

Domestic packages are sent Flat Rate or Priority Mail and typically arrive 1-5 days of shipment.

International packages are sent First Class Mail or DHL and typically arrive 7-10 days. In some cases, delivery may take up to 30 days for international packages, please contact your local postal office if you are concerned about the whereabouts of the package.

All items are made by hand & go to supporting a woman owned & operated business. Thank you for your love & patience!